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Risk Insurance Agency, LLC has been providing insurance services in Austin since 2018 with a commitment to delivering personalized service. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that you feel protected when it comes to insurance. We work hard on your behalf to ensure that nothing can take away what matters most to you.

We’ve got the best of all insurance companies working for you. Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, General Liability…

There are hundreds out there, but we only want to work with those who deserve it- our obligation is hand-selecting providers who can deliver on what they promise!

Unmatched Insurance Solutions

When it comes to auto insurance, it’s important to shop around for the best deal. Companies promise savings of up to 15%, but it’s all about what you’re getting for your money.false sense of security for too long.

When searching for auto, home, or general liability insurance, don’t make your decision based solely on the lowest price. It’s important to consider the amount of coverage included in that rate and whether or not your policy will meet all necessary requirements in the event of an accident.he event of an accident.he event of an accident.

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Save Money and Time With a Local Austin Agent.

DWELLING COVERAGE This coverage pays to repair or replace the structure of your mobile home if it's damaged by events your policy covers, up to a limit you choose

Home Insurance

Finding the perfect home insurance has never been easier. RiskCoverage does the heavy lifting, bringing you options that protect your home and fit your budget seamlessly.


Car Insurance

Cut through the complexity of auto insurance with RiskCoverage. We ensure you receive not just competitive rates but also comprehensive protection to keep you secure on the road.

Renters Insurance

Protect your belongings and gain financial peace of mind with affordable renters insurance from RiskCoverage. Our policies cover unexpected expenses, offering security for your living situation.

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Business Insurance That Lets You Focus on What Matters

Risk Coverage Insurance is proud to be a part of the Austin marketplace, and we work closely with our clients to find you the best-customized protection options available. We take pride in reviewing your needs as an individual business owner so that together, we can make informed decisions about how much risk covered by insurance actually means for protecting assets from financial loss due to out-of-pocket expenses during times when disasters strike or accidents occur on-site at one’s own place(s).

General Liability also provides protection against other day-to-day risks associated with running a business, such as Product defects or errors traced back directly by the manufacturer; fixtures broken beyond repair with intent (e.g., vandalism); business interruption due to cancellation/force majeure storms, etc.; and legal responsibility arising out of employee mistakes at work.


General Liability

Shield your business from common risks with our “slip and fall” coverage. This general liability insurance offers critical protection against lawsuits, personal injuries, and more, ensuring your business’s safety.


Commercial Car Insurance

Tailor your commercial auto policy with RiskCoverage. From single work trucks to entire fleets, we provide the specific coverage your business needs to operate with confidence.

Life Insurance

Ensure your loved ones are protected with our life insurance options. We offer plans that cover various needs, from young professionals to families, ensuring financial security for the unexpected.

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Check our customers’ satisfaction reviews. If you choose an Auto insurance agent that’s known for making its customers happy, you can feel more confident that you will have a good experience.

With us, you’re not just getting the best price but also saving money because we shop smarter coverages.


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Get your auto insurance quote online with RiskCoverage. We factor in your unique needs and budget, offering discounts for safe driving and more. Our goal is to make quality insurance accessible and affordable for everyone.

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At Risk Coverage, saving you money and ensuring your complete protection is our priority. We shop smarter coverages, ensuring you get the best value and service.

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With Risk Coverage, you can get a car insurance quote in as little as five minutes from a top-rated company. That's all it takes to get the customized protection you need at a price that works for you. Get an auto insurance quote today and discover how we help you save and give you peace of mind.

In Fact - our agency offers top auto policy rates and excellent service for every type of customer out there, from small business owners who need coverage for their employees or building to large corporations looking after their entire workforce.

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