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qustions about insurance policy

Are there ways I can help protect my home?

Homeownership is a big responsibility, but it can be even more rewarding. You’re ahead of the game with preventive maintenance and know your home will last for years with proper care!

How many homeowners' insurance coverage do I need?

Homeowners’ insurance coverage is an essential topic for many homeowners, but it can be challenging to understand what exactly you need.

You might think that the amount of money spent on your house each year should cover anything from a broken pipe in one bathroom to replacing everything inside if there were flash floods or fire damage!

Having an agent who knows their field of research helps analyze and research policies will ensure that they get just enough protection at the best possible price and make sure no other gaps exist where something slash happens without planning.

How can I prevent claims at my home?

The best way to prevent claims at your home is by being a vigilant and careful consumer. It would help if you recognized potential hazards before they happen.

Don’t let things get cluttered or damaged, so you don’t have an accident that leads liability insurers into paying out money on behalf of their clients (you).

Should I get an umbrella policy too?

If you’re involved in an auto collision, and the other person’s fault is unclear, it may be time to consider getting extra protection.

Umbrella policies offer increased financial compensation for injuries, damage done on behalf of a covered individual that results from accidents occurring outside their control (such as driving into traffic), plus legal fees that will arise.

Do I need flood insurance too?

Floods aren’t just a coastal problem. They can happen anywhere, especially in High-Risk Flood Zones, and many homeowners don’t realize their policy doesn’t cover flood damage either!

If you live near the coast, near a River, or Lake, it may be worth looking into purchasing coverage for your home. Even though these types of storms rarely make headlines, they still cause tons of dollars worth of losses every year.

Allow us to be in your corner when making decisions regarding insurance policies that will keep covered, whether it’s windstorms, fires, hail, or rain.