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Get a home insurance policy to protect your investment.


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Get a home insurance policy to protect your investment.

Homeowners insurance, also known as home insurance, is a property insurance policy that protects your home from events that can cause damage, such as a fire or burglary. Home insurance policies generally offer coverage in five sections. First two are for the structure of the home and its contents. Third for loss of use (inconvenience) and additional living expenses if necessary. Fourth is liability insurance if a person becomes injured at your place and they need to sue you for loss of wages or function, and last, personal injury protection in most cases. Most mortgage lenders require a homeowners insurance policy.

The Risk Coverage Insurance Agency could help you get the affordable home insurance coverage you need. The Risk Coverage Insurance Agency is a local insurance agency that offers home insurance coverage for homeowners throughout Austin and surrounding Cities. Their experienced agents can advise you on the best policy options to protect your home against both risk and price, whatever your needs are.

Why do I need homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance provides financial reimbursement to homeowners for the cost of repairing or replacing their home and its contents due to unforeseen circumstances, such as:


Fire or Lightning


Theft or Vandilism


Wind or Hail




Damage caused by natural disasters (such as hurricanes, tornadoes), etc.


It can also protect you financially if someone gets injured at your house or if you are held legally responsible for injuring another.

Who should carry homeowners insurance?


Almost everyone.


Most lenders require homeowners insurance, and most homebuyers purchase homeowners insurance policies.


Homeowners with expensive homes, valuable collections, or a high-risk lifestyle may need higher liability coverage limits.

The Risk Coverage Insurance Agency is dedicated to helping you find the right coverage for your needs at an affordable price.

What does a homeowners insurance policy cover?

Home insurance policies from Risk Coverage Insurance Agency generally come with certain standard features. These include

Property Damage

A homeowners insurance policy typically covers damage to your home caused by fire, wind, or water damage, including damage to your yard and landscaping.

Personal Property

In addition to the damage to your home, a homeowners insurance policy typically also covers personal items that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Additional Living Expenses

If covered by homeowners insurance, this benefit provides additional money when repairs temporarily force you from your home. It helps pay the cost of housing elsewhere until repairs are complete.

Special Coverages on Personal Property

Limited coverage for jewelry stolen from your home (usually $500 – $2,000). You may need special coverage for things in your collection like:

  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding bands
  • Diamond bracelets

What isn’t covered by a typical homeowners insurance policy?

In most cases, a homeowner’s policy does NOT cover floods, earthquakes, or other natural disasters outside the geographic area where there is a named storm. Unless we add to your policy, our agents will make sure if this is the case.

Homeowner’s insurance discounts could save you even more.

See how affordable your homeowners’ insurance can be with Risk Coverage Insurance Agency. Check out the discount options available to save even more when you bundle your insurance policy.

Multi-Policy Discount

If you have more than one policy with us, for example, homeowner insurance and life insurance, or like most homeowners insurance and car insurance, the very few that have Home, Car, Life, and Umbrella coverage, there’s a discount available.

Claim Free Discount

Another option if you’ve had no claims reported in the last few years. A clean driving record will lower your coverage costs even further! To most customers, that’s an excellent opportunity to choose lower deductibles than the general public.

Home Security System

A burglar alarm is a device or group of devices that work together to keep your family and belongings safe from burglary, robbery, or theft—also being another discount opportunity.

Smoke Detector Alarms or Fire Extinguishers

Smoke alarms are another chance to save you money on your homeowners insurance. Knowing you are taking the proper steps to set warning alarms for you and your loved one.

Buying, setting up, and servicing your homeowner’s policy is easy.

We help you find the perfect homeowners insurance with enough coverage for your home and budget because more range doesn’t mean better.

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Talk with one of our licensed insurance agents about protecting your home, auto, and life from disasters. Contact Risk Coverage Insurance today, your local insurance agent. We’ll make a free homeowners insurance rate comparison to determine how affordable homeowners insurance can be for you!

Policy Service and Claims

Reach out to an agent or insurance company when you need service. You can always call us for help with policy documents, claims, and billing questions.

Need other types of Property Insurance?

We offer all types of property insurance, including:

Renters insurance

Is a type of homeowner insurance that covers your personal property and other expenses related to damage to the apartment, home, or space you rent.

Condominium Insurance

This type of insurance also covers personal property, additional living expenses if the condo becomes uninhabitable due to a covered loss, and liability for accidents in your condo.

Mobile Home Insurance

Will cover you in case of damages to the mobile home and any additional structures on the site. It will also provide coverage for your personal property and liability resulting from accidents where your mobile home is based.

Landlord Insurance

Protects the owner against loss or damage to property due to fire, breakage, vandalism, theft, water overflow, and many other perils.

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Are there ways I can help protect my home?

Homeownership is a big responsibility, but it can be even more rewarding. You’re ahead of the game with preventive maintenance and know your home will last for years with proper care!

How many homeowners' insurance coverage do I need?

Homeowners’ insurance coverage is an essential topic for many homeowners, but it can be challenging to understand what exactly you need.

You might think that the amount of money spent on your house each year should cover anything from a broken pipe in one bathroom to replacing everything inside if there were flash floods or fire damage!

Having an agent who knows their field of research helps analyze and research policies will ensure that they get just enough protection at the best possible price and make sure no other gaps exist where something slash happens without planning.

How can I prevent claims at my home?

The best way to prevent claims at your home is by being a vigilant and careful consumer. It would help if you recognized potential hazards before they happen.

Don’t let things get cluttered or damaged, so you don’t have an accident that leads liability insurers into paying out money on behalf of their clients (you).

Should I get an umbrella policy too?

If you’re involved in an auto collision, and the other person’s fault is unclear, it may be time to consider getting extra protection.

Umbrella policies offer increased financial compensation for injuries, damage done on behalf of a covered individual that results from accidents occurring outside their control (such as driving into traffic), plus legal fees that will arise.

Do I need flood insurance too?

Floods aren’t just a coastal problem. They can happen anywhere, especially in High-Risk Flood Zones, and many homeowners don’t realize their policy doesn’t cover flood damage either!

If you live near the coast, near a River, or Lake, it may be worth looking into purchasing coverage for your home. Even though these types of storms rarely make headlines, they still cause tons of dollars worth of losses every year.

Allow us to be in your corner when making decisions regarding insurance policies that will keep covered, whether it’s windstorms, fires, hail, or rain.

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