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Planning a road trip and need to make sure your RV is insured?

We know that the last thing you want to worry about on vacation is whether or not your Recreational vehicle is insured. That’s why we offer RV insurance coverages at an affordable price – so you can focus on having fun and not on any potential accidents.

Your RV is more than a car. RV insurance is different from car insurance; RV coverage combines car insurance and homeowners insurance elements to account for the unique potential problems with a recreational vehicle. Most people only think about Rv insurance coverage when there about to hit that road trip. You can get affordable coverage for your motorhome, travel trailers, and pop-up camper with Risk Coverage.

Choose the travel trailer or motorhome insurance that best fits your ride.

Class A Motorhomes

This is the largest motorhome that ranges from 21-40 feet in length, with all the accessories needed for your road trip or campsite.

Class B Motorhomes

Also known as camper vans, these are the smallest type of motorhome. most commonly made from sprinter vans

Class C Motorhomes

Are known as fifth wheels, the mid-sized RVs can be from 20-30 feet and are great for a group of 2-4 people

Cargo and Horse Trailers

Large enclosed trailers are used for transporting horses, vehicles, and other cargo.

RV insurance customized to you.

In most states, you must carry liability insurance if you’re driving an RV on the road. The state minimum requirements are usually the same as a car, but because Risk Coverage is always looking out for you, we will always make your coverages fit your needs and protects your assets.

Liability Insurance:

In the state of Texas, to operate your RV, you’ll need at least the same amount of liability coverage that Texas requires for car insurance. If you ever cause a crash, liability pay others’ injury and property damage costs up to your policy limit.

Medical Payments Coverage

If you crash your RV, medical pays for injury treatment for your passengers and you, no matter who was at fault in the incident.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage:

Uninsured/underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage helps cover your passengers’ medical bills if you’re hit by a driver who doesn’t have insurance or has not enough Liability coverage to cover your bills.

Comprehensive and Collision Coverage

Collision coverage helps pay for repairs to your RV if you cause a crash or run into objects such as a tree or street sign.

Comprehensive covers a variety of problems, including theft of your RV, animal collisions, falling objects, vandalism, and more.

Start saving on your RV insurance.

Our RV insurance quotes show you multiple ways to save from various providers. With annual policies starting at low prices, plus bundling your auto insurance and homeowners insurance, the discounts you can earn can lead to more extended getaways.


If you currently have a home, renters, condo, auto with one of our providers, we will explore to make sure your RV is bundled with your car; you’ll earn additional savings in RV insurance cost.

Original Owner

If you are the original owner of your motorhome? Regardless of your RV’s age, most providers add on a discount.

Responsible Driver

If you have been infraction and accident-free in the past three years, you might earn a discount.

Advanced Quote

Purchase your RV insurance policy at least seven days before your start date; you’ll earn a discount.

Extra Protection coverage options

With an RV policy, your recreational vehicle has protection wherever your journey takes you—on the road, at a campsite, or heading to a vacation destination. And suppose your motorhome or travel trailer is your permanent residence. In that case, our full-time RV insurance package offers coverage similar to what you’d find on a homeowners policy, including personal liability and loss assessment.

Personal Property Replacement Cost

RVs are made to be loaded with items and attachments such as cooking appliances, sporting and camping supplies, satellite dishes, awnings, and furniture. If your stuff is stolen or damaged, personal property coverage will replace it for you.

Vacation Liability Coverage:

When your RV is in a park or campsite, It’s wise to have liability insurance to pay the damages in the case, say, someone is injured inside your RV, or you accidentally throw a baseball through a neighboring camper’s window.

Roadside Assistance

RV insurance can provide high-limit coverage to account for the steep prices associated with towing and labor coverage in case of mechanical breakdowns. Roadside assistance also covers flat tires, lost keys replacement, and battery services.

Total Loss Replacement

If your RV is stolen or totaled, you can choose full replacement cost and get back what you paid for your vehicle.

Tips for quoting RV insurance

We know that finding the right insurance company with the best rate can be a daunting task. That’s why we’re here to help make it easy for you. Our agents are knowledgeable in all aspects of RV insurance and will work with you to find the coverage that’s right for you.

Look up your RV’s value: Knowing your RV’s value helps determine how much coverage you need. Sites like NADA.com are good reference points for researching your RV’s current worth.

Pick the coverages that fit your needs:

For example, if you travel with expensive items like a laptop or camera but have home insurance with one of our providers, we can see how much is covered to protect against damage to your belongings.

Remember safety first: safe drivers with a Clean driving history going back up to five years can help lower your RV insurance costs.

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Get the answers you need for Your RV

Is insurance required on a travel trailer?

Because you’re not driving your travel trailer, no states require you to insure it. If you’re financing the travel trailer, your lender may mandate comprehensive and Collision to insure the vehicle against physical damage.

How do I get the best RV insurance rates?

The RV insurance rates are something that you should be thinking about before purchasing your following policy. You can customize the coverage to fit what’s essential for YOU and find ways of possibly lowering those costs! Here we go: Do I have storage facilities? Is my location safe enough where it won’t get damaged or stolen (secure)? Am I going to use this vehicle often enough not to need Collision?

How can I avoid common RV problems?

You can help avoid them with simple maintenance. You should check your tires regularly, keep tires properly inflated, replace the old sealant around all windows, and constantly maintain your RV. You can’t predict when a problem will occur but indeed, prepare for it.

Does fifth wheel or trailer insurance cover water damage?

Comprehensive coverage covers water damage due to weather-related incidents.

What is the difference between recreational and full-time RV insurance?

Recreational coverage is for people who don’t live in their RVs all the time but still drive it around on vacation or business trips – this will help cover any physical damage that might occur when you’re out exploring new places with your home. Away from home! Full-timers’ policies offer more protection than just medical payments since they include things like personal liability.

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