Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

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Will my homeowner’s insurance cover foundation repair? Find out if your homeowner’s insurance covers your home.


Homeowners’ insurance policies typically cover repairs to the exterior of your home, including foundation repair. However, policies may exclude coverage for certain types of repairs, such as damage caused by a water leak.

If you need foundation repair, ask your homeowner’s insurance agent about coverage.

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Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?

Homeowner’s insurance usually covers foundation repair if the home is damaged by wind, hail, or other natural disasters. The policy may also cover repairs to the roof, windows, and doors if damaged in the same event.

Contact the insurer or review your policy documents to find out whether your homeowner’s insurance policy includes coverage for foundation repair. If you have a flood policy, include a list of all foundation repairs covered in your policy.

Most homeowners insurance policies will cover foundation repair, depending on the specific wording.

Some companies may be more willing to pay for foundation repair than others, so it’s essential to read your policy carefully.

Contact your agent or company if you have any questions about whether or not your home insurance will cover foundation repair.

Insurance Cover Foundation

Insurance Cover Foundation

How do I find out if my homeowner’s insurance covers foundation repairs?

Knowing whether or not your homeowner’s insurance policy covers foundation repairs can be daunting for some. You can do a few things to determine coverage, but the best way to find out is usually through a consultation with your insurance agent. 

You can run a few tests to see if your foundation is in danger of failing and collapsing, but these tests typically only tell you part of the story.

The most important part of evaluating foundation repair needs is to talk to an expert who can look at all the details – including your home’s construction, age, and structural condition.

What to do if my homeowner’s insurance does not cover foundation repair?

If your homeowner’s insurance does not cover foundation repair, you may be able to get coverage through a property insurance policy.

State laws vary as to whether or not foundation repair is covered, so it is essential to contact your insurer to find out.

Insurance Cover Foundation

What is covered under homeowners insurance?

Homeowners insurance typically covers damages to your home, including foundation repairs. The policy may also cover any injuries you or someone inside the home may receive due to the damage.

What is not covered under homeowners insurance?

There are many things your homeowner’s insurance may not cover, including foundation repair. Foundation repair is a common occurrence in homes and can be expensive.

Many home insurers do not cover foundation repairs at all. If your home has a basement or crawlspace, you may be covered if the damage is due to an external cause like a storm.

However, if the damage is due to something like water infiltration or poor construction, your home insurer may not cover the repair.

Insurance Cover Foundation

How to find a reputable contractor to repair?

When repairing your foundation, you may be wondering who to turn to. Here are some tips on how to find a reputable contractor:

1. Ask around

Talk to friends and family, or look online for reviews of contractors in your area. Check with your home insurance company to see if they have any recommendations.

2. Look for a license and certification.

Ensure the contractor you choose has a right and accreditation from an appropriate body, such as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). This will ensure that the contractor is qualified and experienced in foundation repair.

3. Check out the equipment and materials used.

Ensure the contractor uses suitable materials and equipment for foundation repair work, such as excavators with correct attachments.

Insurance Cover Foundation

Things to consider when choosing a homeowners insurance company

When choosing a homeowners insurance company, it is essential to consider various factors, including the company’s history, policy provisions and claims handling. Some things to keep in mind when selecting a home insurance provider include the following: 

  • Some homeowners insurance companies have better track records than others regarding paying claims. It is essential to research which insurers have the lowest rates for claims and whether those rates are guaranteed. 
  • It is also essential to examine the policy provisions of each home insurance company before making a selection. Some providers offer specific benefits, such as foundation repair or flood restoration coverage, that you may want to take advantage of. 
  • If you experience a loss or damage, be sure to file a claim as soon as possible. Many home insurance companies have strict time limits for filing claims, so be aware of these guidelines.

What to do if another party damages your home

If another party damaged your home, your homeowner’s insurance policy should cover foundation repair. The procedure may also cover the cost of moving you and any possessions to a new address and other related expenses.

Remember to call your insurer to estimate what repairs will be covered and how much they will cost.

What to do if You Suspect Your Homeowners Insurance Won’t Cover Foundation Repair?

Contact your insurance company if you suspect your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover foundation repair.

Your insurance company can advise you on what to do next.

Fixing foundation damage can be expensive, so what are my options?

There are a few options available to fix foundation damage. If the damage is severe, you may need to have the foundation repaired or replaced.

You may also be able to fix the damage with a makeup application. 

If the damage is more minor, you can usually repair it with a makeup application or dry-erase marker.

Insurance Cover Foundation

Conclusion of “Homeowners Insurance Cover Foundation Repair?”

Foundation repair can be expensive, so it’s essential to ensure your homeowner’s insurance covers the repair.

If you have any questions about your policy or whether or not foundation repair is covered, contact your agent or company.


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