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You need classic car insurance if you’re a proud owner of vintage cars, antiques, or a collectible car. The classic car insurance space is slightly different from regular vehicles because they typically have high value and are often considered collector vehicles. A standard auto policy might not be enough to protect your investment if something were ever unfortunate happens to it!

The best way around this problem? Classic Auto Insurance ( collector car insurance ) offers whole-auto coverage tailored to collectors’ cars like yours!.


What does a classic car insurance policy cover?

Classic cars are often priceless heirlooms that provide a sense of nostalgia for their owners. This can make them difficult to replace if damaged or lost, which is why it’s essential to know the different coverages offered by auto insurance carriers, so you don’t find yourself in too much trouble when trying to claim your losses!

The classic car insurance policy provides many of the same coverages as a standard auto insurance policy. Liability coverage, uninsured, and underinsured motorist protection are just some of the ranges that can be included in your policy for your prized possession! You’ll also find personal injury compensation or medical payments benefits available depending on what you need most when it comes time to purchase insurance.

Collision and Comprehensive for your vehicle will cover the damages in an accident or if the vehicle is a loss. They would pay out an agreed value with your insurance company. There is guaranteed value determined by industry guidelines and can be reviewed before purchasing and at renewal time.

What makes a car a classic?

The exact definition may vary among insurance companies; Not every car qualifies for classic auto insurance. To be eligible for coverage, your vehicle needs to be a “spare” car that’s used for pleasure and not required regularly. These vehicles will maintain or appreciate and are mainly used for fun. A few examples of modern classics:


1965 Ford Mustang


1975 Volkswagen Beetle


1980 Chevrolet Corvette


1969 Chevy Impala

For many people, their pride and joy is a classic car. And if you have one of these prized possessions in your driveway, then chances are high that it’s going to be worth more than actual cash value when push comes to shove with insurers! Why? Well, because there’s plenty of historical interest behind each collector car, making them desirable collector items – ask avid collectors, hobbyists, or enthusiasts about how valuable their favorite ride truly is. 

Classic car policy gives your stated value coverage or agreed value coverage based on the classic cars market; it provides you spare parts coverage or hard to find parts, Roadside assistance, enclosed garage discounts. 

    Does your vehicle qualify as a classic vehicle?



    At least 25 model years older, although some companies will be more specific like built before 1975.

    Familiar classic models, such as Chevy Bel Air, Ford F-150, or Dodge Pick-ups. Muscle cars like Ford Mustang Chevy Corvette. Hot rods or replicas custom builds.



    Used only for flexible usages like car shows, Weekend car show, and occasional pleasure use (not for daily drivers).

    There are vehicle storage requirements, and some providers will have mileage limits. We will always keep you informed of these usage restrictions.


    Original Replacement Parts Coverage

    If you have a claim, your collector car insurance policy will offer stock original replacement parts when possible and has specialists on hand to hunt down any rare or hard-to-find ones.

    Why should I consider collector car insurance?

      We’ve partnered with the American Modern Insurance Group and Hagarty to offer insurance policies specially designed for classic car lovers like you. Because just like wine, your car only gets more refined with time. We also have convenient payment options and policy services at your fingertips.

      • Low Premiums
      • Guaranteed value
      • Flexible usage

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      Get the answers you are looking for on your classic and collector vehicle.

      Is classic car insurance different than regular auto insurance?

      Traditional insurance policies are great at getting your daily driver back on the road should something unfortunate happen or getting you an actual cash value. But they’re not always the best at sorting out some of the unique issues that come into play with classic car insurance coverage. 

      Classic car insurance gives your stated value coverage or agreed value coverage based on the classic cars market; it provides spare parts coverage or hard to find parts, Roadside assistance, enclosed garage discounts.

      And yes, original replacement parts coverage is automatically included at no extra cost with your classic or vintage car insurance policy.

      How old does a car have to be to qualify for a classic insurance policy?

      A vehicle is usually considered a classic car built before 1975. Antique cars are built before 1954. or collector cars like 1934 PIERCE-ARROW TWELVE CONVERTIBLE COUPE.

      How frequently can a vehicle be driven and still qualify for a collector car policy?

      Generally, most classic car insurance companies will have usage restrictions. A vehicle cannot be used as a daily driver. Some of our providers require a car for every legal age driver on the policy before adding a classic car—also, a maximum limit of around 5000 mileage limits.

      What are the storage requirements for a classic car?

      For your vehicle to qualify for a classic policy, the classic vehicle must be stored in your garage when not in use. Most of our providers will discount you for having an alarm system at home and locks on the garage door. 

      Does classic car insurance provide coverage in the event of a theft?

      A classic car insurance policy would provide coverage for theft under comprehensive coverage. You should make sure you are familiar with and follow all the terms and conditions of the policy contract. All claims are subject to investigation.

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