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Regarding renter’s insurance, not all programs are created equal. You need a solution and benefit structures tailored to reduce risk exposure and improve NOI. So that’s what we made. As the underwriter of our products, we can develop unique solutions that meet your needs, from flood and pet damage to bed bugs and food spoilage. Plus, we’re A-rated, which gives us more flexibility to develop custom coverages when you need them and more robust support even when you don’t.


Higher coverage for you that’s affordable for your residents


One of the market’s most comprehensive, flexible, and affordable programs


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    Austin Renters Insurance Programs

    Boost Participation Rates with Hassle-Free Tracking

    24/7 presents a hassle-free approach to paying renter’s insurance premiums, either in whole or a short payment plan. This seamless process keeps each policy in place without constant tracking, reducing your time and effort. Our innovative system guarantees a decrease in participation and eliminates coverage gaps. We offer high coverage insurance at an affordable rate, ensuring record participation for properties. Let us help you simplify insurance payments and increase tenant engagement.


    Ensure compliance and minimize gaps in coverage with automated tracking that requires no extra work from your leasing team.


    All tracked policies come with guaranteed coverage, and resident enrollment is a breeze.


    Plus, our streamlined opt-in process helps you increase ancillary revenue.


    And for residents with lapsed coverage, we offer liability-only policies to help keep everyone protected.


    Offer Affordable and Customizable Coverage with Renters Preferred

    At Renters Preferred, we aim to provide you with the best coverage that meets your protection requirements while being affordable. With us, you can set your minimum liability requirement, and your residents can choose between a comprehensive Renters Insurance (HO4) policy or a liability-only policy that suits their needs. Rest assured that we have got you covered!

    Tenant Insurance, Austin Tenant Insurance for property management

    Our coverage options are fully customizable, allowing residents to protect all their belongings or essentials.


    Liability coverage can be written individually to all on the lease.


    You can set the minimum liability requirement, ranging from $100K to $500K.


    For those with pets, optional coverage is available for any damages they may cause.


    Additionally, our industry-leading benefit structure creates ancillary revenue opportunities that are highly adaptable to your needs.

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    Get the answers you’re looking for: Renters Insurance

    How much does it cost and who pays for it?

    Depending on the property, location, and other factors, rates can start as low as only $10/month, and the tenant normally pays for it.

    Can I require my tenants to get renters insurance?

    In most States in the US, you can require and make it mandatory for your tenants to get renters insurance coverage. Please check your local and state laws depending on the type of property you’re renting.

    If you require it, your tenants will be able to either purchase it directly from us and upload proof of their own renters’ insurance.

    How can my tenants apply for rental insurance?

    With one phone call, we can set them up with an insurance policy to protect their Personal belongings and protection for your property. Proof can be emailed directly to you, paid by the tenant. 

    Can I make a referral fee if my tenants get insurance?

    At this time, there is no revenue-sharing program offered through us for renters’ insurance. 

    Does renters insurance protect property manager?

    oth! It protects the tenants from having to come out of pocket for many unexpected events. It also protects the landlords in case the tenant can’t pay for the damages, or a natural disaster out of their control.

    Here are some typical scenarios that could happen:

    1. A guest of your tenant trips in their unit and needs to be hospitalized.
    2. A fire was started from your tenant’s microwave and damages the unit or building.
    3. The unit above yours has flooding that damages your unit.
    4. Your tenant’s unit was broken into and personal items are missing.
    Who decides how much my property is worth??

    Settling on property damage coverage is based on the actual cash value rating of your renter’s policy. Renters insurance protects you from incurring a financial loss when your property is lost or damaged in an unforeseen event. Using the calculator above will help us determine what dollar value rating best fits your needs.

    • Actual Cash Value (ACV) – The amount it would cost to repair or replace your renter’s belongings after depreciation.
    • Replacement Cost Coverage (RCC) – The amount it would cost to repair or replace your renter’s belongings, regardless of depreciation. With renters insurance, you’re not required to settle for the actual cash value of the property if it’s damaged.


    Can I offer my own coverage option other than yours?

    Yes, you can offer any renters insurance you like and do not need to use the recommended ones from us.