Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about Home Insurance Policy

Are there ways I can help protect my home?

Homeownership is a big responsibility, but it can be even more rewarding. You’re ahead of the game with preventive maintenance and know your home will last for years with proper care!

How many homeowners' insurance coverage do I need?

Understanding homeowners’ insurance coverage can be a challenging task for many homeowners. You might assume that the yearly expenses incurred on your house would cover any damage, from a broken pipe to replacing everything in case of disasters like floods or fire.

However, having an agent who is well-versed in their field of research can help analyze and research policies. This ensures that you get the right amount of protection at the best possible price, without any gaps in coverage that can leave you vulnerable to unforeseen disasters.

How can I prevent claims at my home?

To prevent insurance claims, it’s important to be a careful and vigilant homeowner. Recognize any potential hazards in your home before they become a problem. Don’t let clutter or damage accumulate, as this could lead to accidents and liability claims, resulting in insurance companies paying out on your behalf.

Should I get an umbrella policy too?

If you are ever involved in an automobile accident and are unsure about who is at fault, it may be a good idea to consider obtaining additional protection. Umbrella policies can provide you with increased financial compensation for injuries and damages caused by accidents that occur outside of your control, such as driving into traffic. Additionally, these policies can cover legal fees that may arise.

Do I need flood insurance too?

Flooding is not just a problem for coastal areas, but can happen anywhere, particularly in high-risk flood zones. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unaware that their insurance policy does not protect against flood damage. If you live near a coast, river, or lake, it may be wise to consider purchasing coverage for your home. While these types of storms rarely make headlines, they cause significant financial losses each year. We are here to assist you in making informed decisions about insurance policies that will provide comprehensive coverage, whether the damage results from windstorms, fires, hail, or rain.

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What is car insurance?

To comply with state law, an individual must purchase liability insurance for their vehicle, even if no accidents occur. This insurance protects others from financial losses resulting from injuries sustained during a collision. We also offer Collision insurance to cover repairs needed after an accident and comprehensive coverage to address vandalism.

How can I save money on car insurance?

One way to reduce your car insurance quotes is to make sure that your vehicle meets the minimum safety standards. Additionally, having collision and comprehensive coverage can help you avoid expensive repairs in the event of an accident, which could result in higher premium rates due to being considered a risky driver.


You should also consider reviewing your existing coverage to ensure that it meets current market rates. This includes physical damage protection that goes beyond just bumper and windshield coverage, as well as comprehensive and collision coverage. By doing so, you may be able to save money on your car insurance premiums.

How do I file a car insurance claim with Risk Coverage?

Just like many of our other policyholders, we understand that the company providing you with car insurance can be a lifesaver. Hence, we are always available to assist you in any way possible. If your car requires immediate attention, you can give us a call. We’ll make sure that you receive the best possible care.

Should I get an umbrella policy too?

If you’re involved in an auto collision, and the other person’s fault is unclear, it may be time to consider getting extra protection.

Umbrella policies offer increased financial compensation for injuries, damage done on behalf of a covered individual that results from accidents occurring outside their control (such as driving into traffic), plus legal fees that will arise.

What are auto insurance coverages available?

Auto insurance policies differ by state, but generally cover several types of damages. These include liability coverage, which protects against physical injury, comprehensive coverage for damage, and collision coverage to assist with accident reporting. Depending on your situation, you may also require coverage for medical payments or personal effects if you frequently rent cars, as certain states have specific restrictions.

Does car insurance cover rental cars?

It is possible that your car insurance policy provides coverage for rental cars. To confirm this, you can call Risk Coverage and ask if your current auto insurance policy covers rental vehicles. In case of an accident, Your Insurance provider will ensure that you do not have to worry about renting a vehicle if you have Rental coverage. You can be covered for just $2 a month in certain situations when you need a vehicle to continue going about your daily routine.

Credit cards also offer some benefits as some provide discounts for renting a car. However, it is important to understand the terms and conditions of the credit card offer, including any limitations on the type and amount of coverage that is provided.

What do I need to get an auto insurance quote?

In order to receive an accurate quote for new car insurance policies, you will need to provide some information about your vehicle. This includes the vehicle identification number (VIN) with details about your driving history and longevity with your current Insurance. Additionally, you will need to have your on hand when purchasing an auto policy. We will also ask for your driver’s license number.

If you’re not sure which coverage options to choose, our car insurance Agent can help you estimate your needs. Ready to get started? You can receive a quick car insurance quote online or give us a call.

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How much is your stuff worth?

We have a convenient way to estimate the value of all your belongings. Your Personal Property Insurance Agent will make it effortless for you to determine the best coverage that suits your needs.

I am a renter, not a homeowner. Do I still need insurance?

Renters insurance is highly recommended if you live in a rented space or someone else’s building. It provides protection for your belongings in case of damages caused by events like fire or theft. Without renters insurance, you may have to bear the cost of replacing your belongings on your own.

Doesn't my landlord's insurance covers my personal belongings?

While your landlord likely has insurance, it only covers the physical building, not your personal belongings.

I live in an apartment with roommates. Do we each need a renters policy?

Renters insurance covers your personal belongings. However, in case you cause an accident that damages your roommates’ property, they might seek compensation or even sue you. Having renters insurance ensures separate coverage for each of you in such scenarios. It’s important to note that creating a claim for damages caused by someone else’s fault can negatively impact your profile. Hence, it’s advisable to have renters insurance to avoid such situations.

Who decides how much my property is worth?

The decision to opt for property damage coverage depends on the actual cash value rating of your renter’s insurance policy. This policy shields you from financial loss in case your property is destroyed or damaged due to unforeseen circumstances. 

  • Actual Cash Value (ACV) is the cost to repair or replace your belongings, accounting for depreciation.
  • Replacement Cost Coverage (RCC) means the cost to replace or repair your belongings regardless of depreciation. In case of damage, renters insurance allows you to avoid settling for the actual cash value of the property.
Does my renter's insurance cover my possessions even when I go on vacation?

Some people may believe that renters insurance is only necessary for those who live in apartment buildings, but that’s not true. It offers coverage for all of your belongings, regardless of where they are located. It doesn’t matter if the covered event occurs at home or elsewhere, as long as you have paid your monthly premium in advance.

What if I am sued or found responsible for injuring another person?

Under renters insurance coverage, you are insured if someone sues you. Insurance liability also covers legal expenses up to the limits of your renter’s policy, should you be found liable for injuring another person or damaging another person’s property.

How do I create an inventory after getting renters insurance?

This may not be the most fun part of renters insurance, but creating an inventory could save you money in the long run. There are great renters insurance checklist templates to make it easy for you.

Does a college student need insurance for their apartment?

Renters insurance is a great option for college students. In case of an unfortunate event where they need to make a claim, it’s important to check the coverage limit of the policy. This type of insurance covers various items such as furniture and clothing, even if they’re lost in a fire or damaged by severe wind or hail.