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Your Trusted Insurance Provider for Car, Home, and Renters Coverage

Looking for the right car, home, renters, condo, or umbrella insurance? Look no further! Our website offers helpful tips and advice to help you make the best insurance decisions for your needs. Give us a call, get verified, and start receiving a quote from a top auto insurance company. We can even compare your current policy side-by-side to make sure you’re getting the best coverage.

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Most people choose Risk Coverage to guide them.

A Fast, Easy Application.

Most Quotes take about 10 minutes. With our advanced Software, we can pull your current coverages and compare apples to apples even if you don’t have your Declaration page. 

Clients Focused

Our goal is to make sure we don’t just offer you a low rate; we focus on making sure we are covering your assets in case of an incident, with a top-rated Claims Dept and Knowledgeable Agents helping you set up your policy right from the jump.

We Can Save You Money.

Yes, our Goal is to save you money today but also to save you money in case you get into an accident. Getting you cheap rate insurance is not our priority; our job is to set you up with the proper protection you need, and we do it with professionalism.

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What our client say

He is a great agent. He takes the time to explain everything thoroughly and does everything he can to ensure you are getting the lowest rate possible. He is always available to talk through questions or concerns and is overall a great person to do business with. Definitely Austin’s top insurance agent!
Kirill Gillespie

Austin Resident

He was very professional and patient. He explained my auto, renters, and roadside membership with ease. I feel very confident and sure that if I ever need help, he will help me out. I highly recommend his business and expertise in insurance.
Konnie Valdez

The Man was very helpful in getting our insurance quotes and getting us set up. He was very informative explaine,d everything clearly and did , everything he could to get us the best right possible. I would recommend Mr Cortez for any of your auto insurance or insurance needs.
Darline Weist

Bastrop Resident

He has been the most attentive and helpful insurance Agent I have ever had. He is very friendly and transparent about everything. He helped explain every part of our auto insurance to us and made sure that we were getting exactly what we needed.
Jesus Garcia

Austin Resident